4 December 2011

17 Supreme Shine Lipsticks

I think we know by now that I love me a bright lip.  LOVE.  So when I was perusing Boots the other day I squealed (no, I genuinely did) when I saw these new Supreme Shine Lipsticks from 17.  Their Mirror Shine lipsticks have been a hit with me and so many other people, so I hope this new line isn't replacing them, but they are quite similar in texture and finish.  Not quite as sheer but definitely as glossy.
 I really like the packaging; silver and quite large and weighty, making them feel more expensive than your average high street offering.  They're available in about twelve (that I saw) colours but I gravitated to the bright end of the spectrum and ended up with four of them (they were on offer, mm'kay?)
Left to right we have Hot Flash, Day-Glo, Hot Stuff and If You Please.  They're very gorgeous colours, potentially better for summer than winter, but you could easily wear them now anyway.  Swatched left to right in the same order.
I love them.  I want them all.  Available here.

1 comment:

  1. These look lovely! I wear bright lipsticks all year 'round too. They're too pretty to leave for particular seasons :)