22 December 2011

Empties of 2011: Vol 11

How pleasing to have ended my Empties series for 2011 on the number 11!*  I've really liked keeping track of everything I've used up and think I'll continue next year.  It's been useful in terms of seeing the products I really use and the ones I like the most and repurchase. 

This collection features yet more Haus of Gloi (still obsessed with their stuff), my favourite cheap handcream from Nivea, two mascaras (the No7 was crap), a mini Ren Moroccon Rose shower gel (totally divine), an Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser (which I didn't like and I think broke me out quite badly), some V05 shampoo and conditioner which is...fine, and a face wash from The Doctor Brand which is fantastic for oily, blemish-prone skin.

So, that's all I've used up this year.  A lot.  Luckily for you though (and me), I still have ACRES of products to wade through and keep you entertained with next year.  Can't wait to discover some new favourites as well!

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