9 December 2011

Face Mask Friday

You know how it is.  It's Friday night, you're home alone, there's sod all on TV, you're rooting around boxes and drawers, ostensibly "cleaning and tidying", and you find a shiny, colourful sachet and think "yes, I'm going to get my face mask on".  We've all done it.  This little wonder is a Passion Fruit peel-off masque by Montagne Jeunesse, the sachets you always see in the face products section of the pharmacy for 99p.  You think they probably don't do anything, judging them purely on their price and their packaging, but you, my friend, are wrong.  They're actually little gems.  This particular one is a gel consistency, and promises to deep clean and purify and shrink pores.  Sure.  Of course it does.  Don't they all.  Anyway, I slapped it on...
...and looked like I'd had a chemical peel.  Which is a shame.  The instructions suggest you leave it on for 15-20 minutes, so I plonked myself down in front of a crappy game show and waited.  Please enjoy my bored face on the right.  The mask goes on very cool, and it glides onto the face nicely.  It's not too sticky but don't apply it too thickly otherwise it won't dry.  You could probably get two applications out of the sachet actually.  As it dries it tightens noticeably, but it's not uncomfortable.  I love that feeling; I feel like it's tightening and shrinking my face a bit.  That sounds weird.  Anyway, now for the fun bit.  THE PEEL!!!
I absolutely *love* peeling these masks off.  It's such a childish joy, and I always like to pretend I'm in some kind of Zombie movie where my skin is falling off.  Which is nice.  It peels away in a really satisfying fashion, with just enough 'pull' to feel like it tugging away the impurities from my skin.  If you've done an even application that's fully dry, you shouldn't have any residue left.  I had a tiny bit by my jaw line so I just rinsed with warm water.  And hey presto, clean, tighter skin that feels soft and clean.  I just put on some serum afterwards, and then got back to my busy schedule of fannying around with piles of stuff and watching stupid people try to win money on stupid gameshows.  

I really do live such a rock 'n' roll lifestyle.

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  1. I really enjoyed this! Especially your piccies. I love the MJ masks and I agree, just because they're 99p doesn't mean they're not worth a look. Friday's are great face mask days.
    Jane x