11 December 2011

My Make Up Collection

I had a bit of a clear out last weekend and re-organised some things, so I thought it would be a good time for you all to get your nosy on and have a peek into my make up collection.  You may well be disappointed; I think it's a fairly modest offering.  I still have a lot of stuff, but I'm not drowning it in (skincare is another matter, to be investigated shortly) and I know and use everything I have.  The set of drawers, I *hate*, but I needed something and am not currently in the market for something acrylic and expensive from Muji, so this had to do.  It came from WhSmith in the storage section and was the least sickly, girlie one I could find.  However, functionally it's perfect.
On the top I keep my brushes plus a couple of random bits and pieces, like an eye cream, some nail polishes and a little sample pot of Illamasqua Skin Base that lovely Cami kindly sent me (review to come soon).  Next to the drawers I have a compartmented pot from Muji that I've had for years and used to be my desk tidy at university.  These days it holds much more interesting things than highlighters, Tippex and pencils.
In here I keep all of my eye pencils, lip pencils and stains, mascaras, tweezers, hairbrushes, just anything that needs to be stood up or easily accessible. Although you can't tell from the pictures, it's split into six compartments which are organised thus: coloured liners, black &liquid liners, concealers, hairbrushes, lip pencils and stains, mascaras and brow products.
In front of the drawers I have four palettes which I got from Etsy.  I like to de-pot as many eyeshadows and blushers as possible to save space, and also because then I know where everything is and I'm not scrabbling round looking for a particular colour. 
There are three palettes of eyeshadows and one of blushers.  One palette is purely for my Shiro cosmetics pigments which I painstakingly pressed, one is a mixture of Mac and Natural Collection shadows, and one is just a pic'n'mix of brands.
This is the Mac/Natural Collection palette. Favourite colours are Copperplate (bottom middle), Patina (top left) and Milk Chocolate (underneath Patina).  Pleasingly, the Natural Collection pans are the same size as Mac pans so if you have a standard Mac palette these shadows will fit perfectly in it.
Shiro Cosmetics pigments are above, and you can see a proper review and swatches of them all here.  Below is the random mixture palette.  I have three 17 shadows in there (bottom), a couple of MUA ones, Elf Pebble, which is a great, cool brown, and Nars Ondine (top right)
Finally I have my blusher palette.  Mac Instant Chic (top left) is my absolute favourite.  I also have Dollymix (bottom left) and Blushbaby (top centre).  I also have Peach Melba from Natural Collection (bottom right) and First Flush from 17 (right) which I use as a contour powder.  So, that's everything on the OUTSIDE, now shall we have a little peep into the INSIDE?  Ok then.
So, the top left drawer is highlighters, bronzers and any blushers that don't go into the palette.  In here I've got Mac, Topshop and Jemma Kidd highlighters, *the* Bourjois bronzer (which I don't really rate), and blushers by Daniel Sandler, Topshop and Primark (no, really).  Next drawer along houses lipbalms.  Favourites in this drawer include Neutrogena, Fresh Sugar lip treatment and a decanted pot of Eight Hour Cream (white lid).

The last drawer on the top row has cream eye products such as Paint Pots, primers, a couple of Gosh liners and a Topshop eye mousse.  I think this is my favourite drawer.  As we know, I enjoy small pots of product.
Next row down has two larger drawers.  The first one has eyeshadow palettes and single pans of shadow that I can't (or won't - you do NOT depot Rouge Bunny Rouge) depot.  I here you can see some Revlon, some Diego Dalla Palma, three loose shadows from Elf that are really very good and an Estee Lauder palette that was gifted to me by a very Lippie lady.  I also have my Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier palettes at the back.
The other middle drawers is the base drawer.  Foundations, primers and powders.  Not much to write home about amongst these products.  The two items in the drawer that I really rate are the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation and the Murad Skin Perfecting Primer (black tube on the left) which is really lovely and will be reviewed shortly.  I had been using the No7 Stay Perfect Primer for ages and I thought it was good but since I've stopped using it, my skin has been better (I was getting a few breakouts).
And so to the final drawer.  The big one.  The ultimate drawer.  The drawer to end all drawers.  Alright, I'm getting carried away.  But that's because it houses all my LIPSTICKS.  YES!!!  Oh I do love a lipstick.  See?
Ok, so it's still a relatively small collection, but they are all very loved and used and sometimes I even like to just open the drawer and look at them all in their nice little shiny tubes and then pick one out and put it on.  I'm not sad, honestly.  In here you'll find all manner of brands, from Chantecaille to Topshop to 17 to Bobbi Brown.  Colour-wise, it's mainly reds, but they're all totally different reds so I don't feel bad.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a wrap.  I hope you enjoyed this nosing around my drawers, and next week I'll be giving you a guided tour of my bathroom.  Bet you can't wait.


  1. Loved this, thanks for sharing :) Modest collections are much more manageable :) xxx

  2. Love storage posts. Love the way you store your collection x