10 January 2012

Guest Ready

I’m not really one for trying to live the life of girls you see in magazines and on blogs.  You know the ones I mean, the ones who wear those ADORABLE Marni platforms to grab coffee on the way home from the organic bakery where they met 28 of their closest girlfriends for brunch, and when they get home they stand in their massive apartments on their perfectly polished hardwood floors, arranging huge vases of peonies and tulips before retiring to their office to sit on their Perspex chairs and admire their collection of jelly beans in glass bowls whilst throwing together a menu plan for a casual dinner party that evening.

If I sound somewhat sarky, forgive me, I’ve had a long day.  Anyway, my point is, I don’t try to emulate these lifestyles because my life is so far removed from that it’s untrue.  I live in a nice flat in a nice part of London but I have never brunched (unless you count a very late, hungover bacon sandwich), I only buy flowers when I see bunches of daffodils in Tesco for 99p (I do love flowers but man, they’re a waste of money when you think about it) and there’s not a chance of a glass bowl of jelly beans lasting on my desk because I’d have scarfed the lot in about 30 seconds.
One thing I did read, though, on a blog I wish I could remember but now can’t, is that it’s important to always keep your home guest-ready, or as close to as possible, and that I agree with.  I don’t entertain at home every night or anything, but people are often dropping in and out and I like the flat to be tidy and welcoming and cosy, so I try not to live messily and I try to remember to pick up yesterday’s tights from the floor and I try to put the cap back on the toothpaste and keep my nail polishes in the fridge rather than strewn about the living room.
So my home is pretty much always guest ready, and there is one other area of my life, or rather I should say my body, that I like to keep, if you will, guest ready too.  And this is where I Love My Muff comes in handy.  This little kit of goodies will keep your minnie in tip-top condition, because let’s face it, you never want to be caught unawares if a guest um, turns up unexpectedly.
The kit contains a wash, a lotion, some wipes and a spray.  Quite a lot of faff for your foof, you might think, and so did I when I initially looked through the products.  However, I’ve really been enjoying using all of them; it feels nice to treat your special area (running out of things to call it) a little more than usual, and besides, feminine hygiene is equally as important as any other part of your body so it’s good to be able to cleanse thoroughly using such nice products. 
Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with products like this, and they’re considerably more purse-friendly than I Love My Muff which is definitely at the high end of the snatch (I’m sorry) spectrum.  This kit is £38, which I do think is expensive.  However, it would make a really fun present for one of your 28 closest girlfriends – or all of them; if you can afford to be clopping to the shops in Miu Miu and Louboutins every day you can afford this – and if nothing else it will ensure that your ladygarden (I’m done now) is as neat and sweet-smelling as your peony-encrusted home.

And I’m spent.  Time to tidy.

*Not a PR sample, but sent my way by Beauty Mouth.  What can I say?  The woman knows the importance of muffs.


  1. "Quite a lot of faff for your foof" is officially the best thing I've read all day. This post made me lol :p As forthe products I've never felt the need for anything so 'specific'

  2. Brilliant post! I lol'd all the way through and picked up a few new words! x

  3. Absolutely hilarious! Love this post :-)

  4. Love this! The post not the product, that is!

  5. Hilarious and informative - Bravo, Sir, Bravo!!

  6. Haha wow, love this post - Definitely made me chuckle!!


  7. This post has totally just made my day. That is all.

    Rebecca x