24 January 2012

Make Up For Redheads

As you know (or maybe you don't if you're new round these parts) I recently dyed my hair red.  Very red.  It was a bit of a rash decision, and one that, whilst I don't regret at all, has presented a problem in terms of what make up to wear.  My hair was previously a messy hybrid of auburn and blonde, thanks to me getting very spritz-happy with the John Frieda spray (which I quite like) for most of last year.  My natural hair colour tones were quite cool, so I stuck to a tried and tested palette of ashy browns, greys and purples on the eyes and am array of bright lips depending on my mood (and my hangovers).
Now that I've got red hair, I've had to re-think my make up choices so they are warmer and slightly richer, so as not to wash out my complexion at all.  I have, I think, medium skin, if we're talking really rudimentary shades.  Although I've never used Mac foundations, and so have never been colour-matched, I'd hazard that I'd be NW25 going up to 35 with a tan.  I haven't bought any new make up since dying my hair (I'm doing this new thing called Using Shit Up Before Buying More Shit) so I've had to just use shades in a different way, layering where needs be to get the right look.
For my base, I've been using Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid (shade Nude) mixed with Bourjois Healthy Mix (shade 54) for a while now.   Previously I was using two thirds of the Maybelline with one third Bourjois, but I've just switched those ratios around now to make the shade slightly darker.  Easy peasy and no need for a new purchase.  I also keep all the sachets of foundations that come in magazines and dip into those every now and then.  Often the shades are a little dark for me so I lighten them with the Maybelline and I'm good to go.
My main concern with my new hair has been my eyebrows.  I've spent years searching for the perfect ashy brown shade, and had found the Mac Taupe pencil a good option, as was Mac Copperplate eyeshadow mixed with a brown, but that had to change.  I've been using the Gosh Long Lasting Brown Pen in Venetian Brown which is extremely warm, almost red, in fact.  On it's own it's too warm as it clashes with my natural brows so I apply it as a base and then lightly go over the top with Mac Charcoal Brown and that seems to look right.
(Yes, my sister has similar hair.  What can I say, I take most of my style inspiration from her...)
For eyeshadows I've been going darker than I normally would; a lot of chocolate brown (I love Revlon Rich Sable and Natural Collection Crushed Walnut), black liner (particularly the No7 Smoky Liner) and lashings of mascara.  I've temporarily retired my beloved Mac Earthline Technakohl as I feel it's just slightly too cool, but I'll work out a way of using it soon; I miss it.  Up until now I've steered away from using colour on my eyes; I'm just not sure I won't look a bit 'kooky emo' with the red hair.  I have green eyes so I could try an olive shade but I traditionally hate red and green together unless it's the 25th December, so I'm still figuring that one out. 
For blush, I've been reaching mainly for Mac (God, considering I barely own any Mac it's all I can talk about today) Blushbaby as it's a great neutral.  I contour as usual (with 17 Plum Puff - CHECK) and then give my cheeks a healthy dose of Blushbaby.  Sometimes I use Mac Instant Chic, my all-time favourite blush, and a beautiful coral shade.  I like the orange tones with the red hair, but I'm careful not to overdo it for fear of looking like an amber traffic light.
Lastly, lips.  This has been my most difficult area to work out.  All my beautiful lipsticks have been somewhat neglected these last few weeks in favour of lashings of lipbalm and my three favourite lipglosses that I wrote about here.  It's the Soap & Glory that's been used the most (probably because the other two have run out) and the colour seems to work really well with my hair.  It just injects a good wash of colour to my face but doesn't interfere with the hair or my eyes or anything.  Other than that I haven't worn much else.  I have done a really bright red lip a couple of times and I like it, I'm just not sure I've got the right tone of red - pretty much all my reds are cool, blue-toned reds and I think I need more orange-based shades.  However, I'm on a very necessary ban so I won't be buying any lipsticks.  I'm sure I can live with what I've got and what I don't have, I'll go without.
So, there we have it.  For me it's really been about using what I've got in a different way, particularly with the base.  I highly recommend doing the same if you switch hair colours; it's important to get your skin tone right and your eyebrows and the rest will be easier to sort out.

Just so I can make a mental wishlist, do leave me your recommendations of orange-y red lipsticks.  My birthday's only 11 months away....

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  1. I really love this new look on you, and the makeup choices look amazing! I know what you mean about colour: my hairdresser put a little red through my hair last time I was there and after applying navy gel liner I could see that I was only a short step away from 'Comicon enthhusiast', which is a great look, but look silly on me :)

    My favourite orange-red lipstick is Dolce and Gabanna See Sheer in #130:


    I really enjoy wearing it and enjoy the formula :) I LOVE red lipstick on redheads!