31 January 2012

Max Factor Xperience Mascara

Everyone* talks about their desert island beauty products in terms of those items they absolutely cannot live without, even if the only creatures that will bear witness to their effect are a) hungry sharks b) starfish (who, to the best of my knowledge, don’t actually have eyes) and c) that devastatingly hunky pirate we all just *know* is waiting for us on the sandy beach waiting to help build us a safety Wendy House until the helicopter arrives**.

The most common items that crop up in people’s pick of products they’d take with them is suncream, lipbalm and mascara.  Me?  I’d leave the first two behind in favour of a guilt-free mahogany tan (who’s going to lecture you on skincare if you’ve just gone all Robinson Crusoe for several months?) and take instead three tubes of mascara, just so I can bat my lashes like the best of them at Jack Sparrow when he arrives.  It’s the one thing that makes the most difference to my appearance and one I very rarely forgo.  As such, I’m quite the connoisseur and have sampled so many over the years it’s a wonder (and a disappointment) I’m not 90% wand by now.
My latest discovery is the Max Factor Xperience Volumising Mascara, released last year along with the Xperience foundation and a range of lip products.  I have a long and happy history with Max Factor mascaras (again, I lament the loss of More Lashes) so I had no qualms buying this on a whim last time I needed a new mascara.  It’s currently £10.99 but I got it when there was some sort of offer on in Boots so I paid £7.99.
The brush is a plastic one, which I don’t like as much as the traditional tiny toilet brush wands, but this one isn’t too spindly and finickity to use; I find some of them can feel almost scratchy on application but this one doesn’t.  The formula itself is creamy and quite wet, and it applies so easily it’s phenomenal.  The idea of this, like all the Max Factor Xperience products, is weightlessness and lightness, and I think this mascara adheres to those claims really well. 
One coat gives me black, glossy, defined lashes which look good, but the formula is light enough that you can keep adding coat upon coat to build up a really great lash, which is what I do.  I’m a fan of masses of mascara, day or night, so I apply probably three coats at a time when I wear this.  It doesn’t clump at all and doesn’t look spidery or unnatural.  You just look like you’ve got really good natural lashes (that happen to be ink black against my not ink black other hair).  Oh, and the best thing.  It doesn’t transfer onto my lids.  NOT A LICK.  And that, kids, is a rarity, lemme tell you.
All in all, another total winner from Max Factor for me, and one I’d happily re-purchase when I’ve used up my other mascaras (FYI and reviews to come: Daniel Sandler Babyjet, No7 Exceptional and Jemma Kidd).

*Some people; mainly celebrities in boring interviews in women’s magazines
**This is what happens, right?  RIGHT?

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  1. Ooh, it looks fantastic! I'm going to try this when my other 5 mascaras run out :)