8 January 2012

Pick 'n' Mix

In an effort to purge my desktop of some of the hundreds of photos I have, each waiting for their moment in the spotlight, I have collected a few together of some products I've been enjoying using lately.  First up is this most beautiful of beautiful eyeshadows from Russian brand Rouge Bunny Rouge, purchased sometime last summer from Zuneta.  Abyssinian Catbird is a olive/bronze shade that applies so smoothly and richly, you'd be forgiven for believing it to be made of the velvet fur of magical rabbits atop a hillside in actual Heaven.  It's divine.
Next up is the Max Factor Miracle Touch foundation in Creamy Ivory*.  I've had this on several occasions but can only use it in the depths of winter due to it being quite moisturising and my skin being quite oily.  It applies really nicely - it comes with a sponge but I prefer to use a flat-topped brush - and offers a good amount of coverage without being cakey.  Powder is required, though.
With a foundation, one needs a blush and I've been consistently reaching for one of my 17 blushes, this one being in Plum Puff.  The 17 blushes are extremely good value for money and come in a nice range of shades.  I also use First Flush every day as my contour powder.
Along with Plum Puff, I repurchased Beehive, that staple of so many of our make up bags now.  Just a really great, glossy neutral shade that goes with everything and requires no thought.
Another eye product I've really been enjoying of late is the new Shadow Stick from No7.  Obviously a total ringer for the Mac Shadesticks, this comes in two shades, Metallic Purple and Metallic Grey.  No prizes for guessing which is which.
At only £5.25 each (although I could have sworn when I bought them a few months ago they were £10?!) the colours are both beautiful, rich and shimmey and they apply really nicely.  They smudge slightly but I think that adds to the overall look.
Last but not least, a thoroughly lovely nail polish which has been keeping my fingers looking in tip-top condition over the last few weeks.  OPI William Tell Me About It was released in the OPI Swiss Collection just over a year ago, although it's probably quite easy to find in many a dark corner of the internet.  It's a deep aubergine shade, leaning on the red end of the spectrum. and I just love it.
What things have you been really enjoying lately?

*PR sample

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