4 January 2012

Red Head Bed Head

This is what happens in that post-birthday/Christmas/New Year slump, when you're staring down the barrel of the first day back at work in two weeks, you're so full of festive meat* that you are genuinely considering life as a vegan, and you've been idly threatening to do something radical with your hair for the best part of two years.  Readers, I cannot recommend that these are the circumstances under which to dye your hair (permanently) but this is what I did.  I dashed into Boots and spent, ooh, 30 whole seconds scanning the hair dye aisle before alighting upon this offering from the Garnier Nutrisse range, which I fully admit I chose purely because the name is Watermelon.

I have never dyed my hair before in my life, let alone unsupervised (my wise and multi-dyed sister should always be present on such occasions) but at approximately 9pm two nights ago, egged on by two giggling housemates, I slapped the Watermelon on my head and hoped for the best.  I will point out, however, that in a mad moment of sanity 48 hours previously, I did a patch test behind my ear and you MUST do the same, no matter how many times you might have dyed your hair before.  So, let's see what happened shall we?
It's so RED!  With a bit of pink! And the odd patch of blonde where I did a crap job!  Unsurprisingly, the dye absolutely hummed when applying it.  Like, made my eyes water and my throat constrict type of hum, more than other brands I've used (on other people).  However, the condition of my hair seems pretty good; the little bottles of intensive conditioner included are fantastic and I wish you could buy them separately.  The colour is, in some lights, totally true to the box but it looks really different under some light conditions.  See:
And here I am in my onesie (don't judge, I will know it's only coming from a place of jealousy) where the colour shows almost exactly as it really is.
Do I regret it?  No, not entirely.  Do I wish I'd had it done professionally (and by that I mean by someone else, and by someone else I mean my sister)?  Yes.  I don't recommend doing these things on a whim if you're not especially dextrous as I have definitely got some patchiness round the back that needs attending to.  However, I'm really pleased I have finally done something with my hair that's not just a trim because I do feel different; refreshed and updated and just better than I did beforehand.  The next hurdle, however, is working out what make up to wear.  What a shame if I have to go shopping for lots of new things...
Any hair dye triumphs or disasters gratefully received.

*TURKEY, you filth bags.


  1. I really like this colour on you! I'm sure if I chose a random colour in Boots to use on my hair if would never turn out as well. You hair looks in amazing condition too!

  2. The colour is bright and vibrant and I feel is a great reflection on your personality that I see on Twitter. It looks good. Agreed you should never colour hair on a whim but you are talking to the girl who does it regularly and never keeps the same hair colour for more than a few months. I like it! The next time you do your roots (If you keep it) you can work on the uneven bits (Not that I saw them much in your photos). Love the colour, I've used that one before and think its great although mine came out slightly more shocking (I think its in my hair history post I did on my blog LOL) Mel x

  3. Absolutely love the colour! The most radical thing I've done with my hair recently is get a fringe cut in, but would certainly take the plunge & go red if I were brave enough. And it's called Watermelon, what's not to love! x

  4. I love it. I went redder and redder over the course of tewo years. I only went back to brunette as friends and family convonced me I needed something more sensible and timeless for the wedding. I reckon I'll end up going straight back to red once I'm hitched!

    I've never been brave enough to dye my own hair. I've seen pros struggle {I have a lot of hair} so god knows how I'd get on! I think you've done a great job though :)

    Loveaudrey xxx

  5. This colour really does suit you! I love it :)


  6. Ooooh, I think your hair looks amazing! I love red hair, it's so gorgeous, and it really suits you too. x

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