11 January 2012

Skin Oils

No matter what time of year it is, what type of skin you have, what your diet is, it's important to moisturise.  It helps keep skin in the best condition possible, replacing moisture lost through any number of factors, and to retain as much elasticity and glow as we can, something our future 95 year old selves will thank us for (if we remember).  Facial moisturising is one thing, but body moisturising is hugely important as well.  I've mentioned before that I suffer with eczema and extremely dry skin on my body, particularly on my legs, so I'm very choosy about what moisturisers I use as I don't want to cause an eczema flare-up but I do want something that will combat the crocodile-esque skin that graces my shins, elbows, etc.  
During the warmer months I use Vaseline Aloe Vera gel, which I love, and any light, organise body moisturisers I have, but in the winter, I need to call in the big guns.  I'm having a total love affair with skin oils at the moment and have amassed four recently that I use on rotation.  Vitamin E oil, Weleda Regenerating Body Oil, Sweet Almond Oil* and Bio-Oil* are my weapons of choice.  I love them all for different reasons and different body parts, because that's just the kind of high-maintenance gal that I am.
Vitamin E oil.  The cheapest and most basic of the bunch.  I can't find an online UK stockist but I found this in a pharmacy.  Don't worry too much about the brand though, you'll find generic Vitamin E oil in most pharmacies and Boots and Superdrug for around £4 a bottle.  It has no discernible scent and is, for me, the one I use on the dryest areas of my body.  It's quite thin and runny so you have to be careful when applying to avoid an oil-slick situation in the bathroom and it doesn't absorb immediately, but once it's in it stays in and my dry skin is soothed and quenched beautifully.  Because of its non-quick absorbing properties, I prefer to apply this last thing at night and then slip, almost literally, into my pyjamas to let it do its thing overnight. 
Weleda Regenerating Body Oil is the luxury item in the line up.  I have this in the pomegranate scent, which I believe came in an early Glossybox.  The packaging is lovely; a heavy blue glass bottle never fails to make me swoon.  It's scented but not off-puttingly so.  I must admit I'm not sure I'd immediately guess it was pomegranate but maybe my olfactory senses just aren't that tuned, however it has a lovely fresh and fruity scent that lingers on the skin for a good few hours after application.  It's an excellent moisturiser, not greasy and dries on the skin quickly.  Because it's scented, and a bit special, I like to use this on my decolletage so it mingles nicely with my perfume and gives my collarbones a sheen.  Just divine.
Next up is the Sweet Almond oil from Holland & Barrett.  This hit the headlines recently when a hand model, who insured her mitts for something insane like £1 million, claimed she applied this product around 30 times a day to keep her hands and nails in perfect condition.  Naturally, I have been doing the same since I got this before Christmas.  Well, not 30 times a day but certainly a few.  I keep it in my bag so I can use it at work and at home, and I really like it.  I'm not a fan particularly of almond scents but this isn't marzipan-y so I don't mind it.  It's not slimy, which I HATE about moisturising your hands, and it's been doing a fantastic job of keeping my cuticles in check as well.  Happy hands over here, thanks.
Last but not least is Bio-Oil, that stalwart of the body skincare aisle in shops, the familiar orange bottle glowing amongst the competition.  I've used Bio-Oil for years and it consistently impresses me.  It absorbs almost immediately leaving no residue on the skin, it makes fast work of dry skin, it helps heal scarring and stretch marks (making it the oil of choice for so many pregnant women) and it has no scent, which a lot of people want in a body oil.  I really can't fault it, although it is expensive, I think.  However a little goes a long way and it must be good because I've bought more bottles over the years than I can count.  Just brilliant.

So, these are the oils that have been keeping me in good skin for the last few months.  What are your favourite body moisturisers?

*PR samples

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