6 February 2012

label m. Therapy Age-Defying Protein Cream

It's day 2 of Hair Week (yes, it's an official thing) and I'm handing the reins to my friend SJ, who's been putting the label m. Therapy Age-Defying Protein Cream (catchy name) to the test for me.  So I'll get out of here quick and let her do the talking.

"Pulled about, yanked, dyed, hair-sprayed to the point of suffocation there is no wonder my hair has been on the phone to the ‘abused hair helpline’. Although I feel slightly guilty about this abuse, I do have to defend myself. Through no fault of its own, my hair is thin, weak and lifeless – much like myself on a Monday morning (apart from the thin part!!). It doesn’t matter how many expensive conditioning treatments I use or how many products I fall for that give me the promise of ‘shiny, volumous locks’ it’s just never going to happen. 

Enter my good friend ‘Product Pixie’ who I sit next to every day jealously watching her receipt of exciting, product filled parcels. While I try to seem nonchalant (apart from the odd day when I’m nagging ‘what is it what is it??’) she receives an exciting looking parcel from Toni&Guy. It’s the new range of label m. Therapy products in pretty purple packaging (yes, I’m that easily bought). So, the lovely friend that ‘Product Pixie’ is offers me the Protein Serum from the collection. Without taking offence to the product name - Age-Defying Protein Cream (I’m only 21 after all! Cough) - obviously I accept!
So, once again, falling for all the promises on the bottle I use it in my hair the very next day hoping to become Elle MacPherson. So, as you can imagine, this didn’t quite work out, however I was pleasantly surprised by the results….
I had previously been using more of an oily serum, so this creamy texture felt much nicer to use. The smell is also yummy – fresh and a bit fruity. Not overpowering but enough to make you feel like the girl from the Timotei ad (oops, possibly just given away that I’m not really 21!).  It contains White Caviar, a supposed anti-ageing ingredient in haircare. I apply it on my hair after towel-drying and then blow dry as usual.  It definitely took away the brittle, frizzy feel that my hair would usually have and a few people have commented that it looks a lot thicker and in better condition. 
In the six weeks or so that I've been using it I'm not sure my hair looks any 'younger' but it definitely feels more nourished and manageable (advertising speak for 'nice') than it has in ages. It doesn’t weigh your hair down, it’s not sticky and it doesn’t make your hair feel greasy so all in all probably the best serum I’ve used for a long time. The only problem is, now I’m hooked I’m going to have to go out and start actually paying for it myself! Thanks Product Pixie!!!"

No SJ, thank YOU.  You're a good writer.  I may take more advantage of this from now on...
*PR sample

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  1. SJ's hair looks lovely and shiny, very tempted to try this out, I have used their Protein Spray for many years and I wonder if this may be a step up from that! Label M are my fave hair brand! x