24 March 2012

Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliator

Another day, another totally brilliant offering from Alpha-H.  It's becoming boring now, isn't it? Well, it's not, but you know what I mean.  The Gentle Daily Exfoliant is a powder which you mix with water to create a thin paste, which you then apply and scrub with like any other exfoliator.  What makes this one so great is that the particles aren't enormous or scratchy, but they are abrasive enough to leave your skin feeling a smooth as the proverbial and sparklingly clean.
I use a small amount, as shown above, in the shower maybe once a week.  As you know, I'm devoted to my Clarisonic these days and whilst it's fantastic, I find the Alpha-H exfoliant deals better with any small areas of dryness, so I like to use it in combination with that (although not on the same day).  Shake out the amount you need and then mix with a little water to create a thin paste.
I then massage it over my face before rinsing away.  It's fantastically therapeutic and I love how smooth my skin is afterwards. It doesn't really have a scent but it does contain papaya and pineapple extract so I was slightly sad it doesn't smell all tropical.  However, that is in no way a reason to doubt how brilliant this is.  Yet another weapon in my Alpha-H arsenal on my journey to ever-better skin.


  1. I'm really keen to try some Alpha H products but the price really puts me off!

    Heather xo

    1. I promise you, for the results they give they're worth 10 times what they cost. Yes, they're pricier than a lot of stuff you can buy on the High Street but there's a reason for that.

      I haven't tried a bad product from them yet; everything they promise, they deliver x