27 March 2012

Current Favourites

I am here! I have not expired!  Slowly rediscovering my mojo but it’s been well-hidden for sometime (the posts this week have been scheduled for some time).  I suspect the dawn of a new season is helping me find my feet again.  How nice is it to be leaving work in actual, real daylight instead of under the cover of freezing cold dark?  VERY nice, is the answer to that.  I’ve been out and about lots recently doing lots of lovely things, including having cocktails here, oysters here, brunch here and having my feet thoroughly dealt with here (the Medi Pedi, by the way, is the best thing you can do for your feet ever, so just do it please).

In addition to all that, I’ve been feeling a lot of love for some products in particular of late, so I thought I’d share them with you.  I’m not sure how many of them will be total surprises but they’re so good I’d happily write about them all day every day (well, that would be quite difficult actually) so they’re fully deserving of being in the Pixie spotlight again.
Antipodes…everything.  I’m still infatuated with the Avocado Night Cream and the Manuka HoneyMask, and the Kiwi Seed Eye Cream is completely ingrained in my daily routine, but I’ve been showing the Skin Saviour Balm* extra love recently as I’ve had a dry patch of skin on my foot which is causing me some bother.  Well, WAS causing me some bother, until I unleashed this tin of pretty on it and it had totally gone within 48 hours.  I put it on my elbows before bed as well and it makes them feel all soft and me feel all smug about my soft elbows.
Pastel nail polishes.  Totally embracing Spring with my nail colours of choice at the moment, in particular Revlon Charming (pictured) and Nude Pink, OPI Do You Lilac It? and Topshop Without A Clue.

Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation.  This has been used exclusively for over a month now and shows no signs of being anything less than my favourite ever face base.

Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude eyepalette.  I’ve been using this a lot recently, particularly Wheat all over the lid and then doing a smoky flick thang with Espresso and a Ruby & Millie angled brush.  Super quick and easy and chic.  Perfect.

Sigma F80 Kabuki.  A bit of a mare to clean but has been my foundation brush of choice for months now.  Tap, dot, buff, repeat.
Emma Hardie cleansers*.  The Foaming Moringa balm with my Clarisonic in the morning, the much-praised Cleansing Balm in the evening with a warm flannel.  Your skin will thank you for it.
Fresh Sugar lip balm and body cream*.  I’m just obsessed.  Sweet but not sickly, moisturising but not greasy, understated but not boring.  Here begins a love affair...

Barefoot SOS bodycream*.  A proper, thick body cream that deals with dry skin quickly and effectively.  Particularly good if, like me, you suffer from sensitive skin and/or eczema.  This won’t irritate it as it’s a natural formula with no perfume and no nasties.  I smother my legs with this daily now that I have banished tights to the back of my wardrobe for another few months.  Love this.
Cos.  In particular their leather goods and jewellery.  Latest treaureLthis very excellent ring.
Fennel.   Eating the stuff like it’s going out of fashion at the moment.  I know.  I do like to keep things exciting round here.

Music.  In particular this, this and this.

What have you been enjoying recently?

*PR samples

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  1. You have made me completely OBsessed with Antipodes! I received another 4 items in the post today! Going to bed early to use them all!! Lovely to see you blogging again! xx