3 April 2012

Alpha-H Age Delay Cleansing Oil

Now this is very exciting.  VERY.  My loves, my soulmates of skin, Alpha-H have brought out their first cleansing balm, the Age Delay Cleansing Oil*.  I know.  Don't even get me started.  It's stuffed full of skin enhancing ingredients, including sea buckthorn, grapeseed, coconut, Vitamin E, lavender, rosehip and camomile.  The sea buckthorn in particular is an exciting ingredient, as it's known for its high content of Vitamin C and its cell-protecting qualities.

The product is a balm texture, similar to my beloved Emma Hardie cleanser, but emulsifies when massaged in with water, hence the 'oil' in the name.  Scent-wise, to me it's herbal and slightly citrussy (there's also some tangerine in there); it's incredibly calming and feels wonderful on the skin.  As with other balm cleansers, I mix a  little with some warm water in my hands and then massage over my eyes, face and neck to break down any make-up and then I remove with a warm flannel.

As I've come to expect with Alpha-H products, it's a revelation.  My skin feels clean, smooth and soft after use, and it makes short work of mascara (notoriously a difficult thing to remove fully).  I love this and I love that it comes in a tube (the picture is a sample, not the final product) as I feel they're more hygienic that a tub.

Available to buy now, and it won't disappoint you, promise.

*PR sample