2 April 2012

I Do Love A Bright Lip

I've been busting out the offensively bright lipsticks for the last couple of weeks, and the one I've been enjoying the most is this little cracker from Lancome.  It was actually my sister's and after loudly coveting it for the best part of a year, I finally managed to snaffle it and now it is mine, ALL MINE....mwah ha ha.
It's one of their L'Absolue Rouge lipsticks, and the shade is 134/9EAA.  Catchy.  It's a bright, orange-toned red that feels creamy and moisturising on the lips but has the staying power of a stubborn bargain hunter outside Selfridges on Boxing Day.  It requires dedicated removal with cleanser, and even then I usually have a light stain on my lips the next day (not that particularly mind).
I noticed this morning that it's the lipstick equivalent of my nail polish, OPI Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It.  So there you go.  Interesting little factoid for you.

1 comment:

  1. Looks gorgeous! I absolutely love the colour! So bright! x