9 May 2012

Guest Post: Top 5 Natural/Organic Beauty Products

Today I'm giving the stage to the lovely Rebecca from Biteable Beauty who I met recently at an Antipodes event and she has kindly written this fantastic guide to her top 5 natural/organic beauty products.  Over to Rebecca (who, by the way, has a very excellent dog called Mimi)....

"When Kathrine asked me to compile my top 5 beauty products for my guest blog post immediately I panicked! So many products, so few spaces... Being a beauty blogger I come across great products all the time but I must admit I'm fickle and flirt from one product to the next; embarking on a whirlwind romance with each one before saying a fond farewell and dashing off with the next in line.

Writing this post has made me consider the long stayers in my beauty cabinet, those that do remain a staple part of my regime, the go-to products of the natural world. So here I am proud to present (fanfare/drumroll please!) my top 5 natural/organic products of all time!

Spa Fabulous Little Pot of Heaven 50ml £58

Spa Fabulous is an organic British range of skincare products, as favoured by Lisa Snowdon and Myanna Buring. I love this face cream so much! Don't be perturbed by the price as a little really does go a long way with this product. This product is a sound investment and contains lots of skin nourishing organic ingredients - pure rose to moisturise and hydrate, rosehip oil to heal, plump and repair and Vitamin E to replenish and rebuild. As founder Neena Trehan says, “It's your twenty-four hour, on-call therapist in a pot!” Watch out for a new and exciting product launch from Spa Fabulous later on in the year, I've tried a small sample of it and it's amazing!

Available from here.
Read more about Spa Fabulous Organic Facials here.

Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm 75g £28.99

Antipodes is a New Zealand brand that scientifically validates its performance claims. I once described this as a natural alternative to vaseline, a comment that I am sticking to. Unlike vaseline, this contains no petrochemicals but instead contains healing and restorative ingredients such as Vinanza Grape, Australian Tea Tree and Totara that instead of smothering the skin with an oily layer (as vaseline does) actually work on various skin ailments to nurture and protect the skin. I use this on dry lips, burns, grazes, bruises, as well as for an ultra deep nourishing treat on my hands at night and  when I get off the plane I apply to my face to ensure maximum skin rehydration. I also love the packaging, the tin is so pretty! This has become a handbag staple for me.

Available from here.
Beyond Organic  Detoxifying Cleanser £21.59

Another Great British brand and this is an excellent cleanser. It has a really freshy and zingy citrus scent and contains Burdock and Yarrow, two natural ingredients know for their detoxifying properties. The first time I used this product I was experiencing some stress/hormonal imbalances which were causing breakouts around my chin and jawline. This product helped to reduce the inflammation and left my skin feeling really clean and smooth afterwards. The lemon freshness was really stimulating in the morning and helped to awaken the senses.

Available from here.
Read my full review here.

Natural Wisdom Rosehip & Pomegranate Antioxidant Treatment Oil £44

A potent blend of raw, unprocessed oils that is really effective at repairing and replenishing the skin. I love the real rawness of the smell – raspberry, pomegranate, cocoa notes all coming through along with juniper and frankincense. The oil is dark due to the fact the oils have not been refined, which means all the goodness of the ingredients is retained. It works really easily into the skin and addresses any sun/environmental damage as well as signs of ageing including age spots, pigmentation and fine lines. On top of all this, the oil also works well as a moisturiser for me so I had no need for any further creams on top of this!

Available from here.
Read my review here.
Green People Eco Eye Trios £18.40 (refills £12.25)

I decided I had to include some natural/organic makeup in my top 5, as I am a big makeup fan too! It was a tough decision to advocate one brand as I also love Jane Iredale and Essential Care makeup as well. Many people I speak to are often disappointed with the performance of natural makeup and if you are one of these people, I urge you to try any of the aforementioned brands! The reason I included the Green People Eco Eye Trios is because you get three shades in one eye shadow! I have tried the Plum and Smokey Grey colourways and think they are fabulous. You get good, even long lasting coverage and you can experiment with the colours to mix it up a bit. Oh and they're refillable too so the cost is cut by a third once you've invested in a case!

Available from here.
See my wedding makeup look with the Plum shades here."

Editor's note: excellent dog Mimi and beautiful-skinned Rebecca.


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