23 June 2012

Three Dry Mice (Shampoos)

Hello.  Let me bend your ear/s.  It's Saturday night and I'm sitting at home, pyjamas on (they've been on since 2pm), laundry on the go, football on (I don't know why, there's no men here), hair doing a sterling tribute to Floella Benjamin, and feeling really quite sorry for myself.  I've had a busy and stressful week at work (not helped by the fact that the week before I was in Malta for a beautiful wedding), it's near the end of the month so I have NO money and thus am living on minestrone soup and am eeking the life out of a bag of basmati, I'm not sleeping properly, I've lost the final DVD in my West Wing boxset and then last night my phone was stolen from my bag.  All in all, not my finest of weeks.

This is the first time in 15 years of owning a mobile phone that it's been either lost or stolen.  Because of my excellent track record with keeping my phone at all times, in all situations, I've never bothered to get phone insurance.  Well, not so smug now.  Having been phone-less for around 18 hours now, it feels weird.  Sort of good weird.  It's liberating.  If I so choose, I can make myself completely uncontactable for long stretches of time.  My day hasn't been punctuated with ring and message tones.  I haven't had to stop anything I'm doing to talk to people or faff around with autocorrect wanting to changing FUCK to DUCK (it never learns).  I've got so much done!  Literally, five loads of laundry, washed all my make up brushes, made lunch and dinner (yes, heating soup counts as 'making'), tidied the flat, researched a holiday, paid some bills, done a lengthy cleanse and face mask routine, read a book... Amazing, the things we can do when we can't be Instagramming them instead.  

One thing I haven't done, however, is wash my hair.  I don't wash it very much these days.  Three times a week?  Tops.  Like being phone-less, not washing your hair everyday is also a magical time saver, it turns out.  I pin it all up before bed, wake up the next day, check it's not too lopsided, spritz a little dry shampoo in it and done.  Out the door, racing (ambling) to work.  Easy.  As such, I've become quite the connoisseur of the dry shampoo, and currently have three in rotation to share with you.
First up is the Percy & Reed No Fuss Fabulousness Dry Shampoo*.  As with the rest of the range, this is packaged beautifully and smells like a freshly rained-upon meadow, which I personally love.  L.O.V.E.  The spray is quite fine, so you don't deposit loads of product onto the hair at once, and it's easy to work into the roots with your fingers or a brush.  I doesn't leave a white caste either, for which we can thank the Lord.  I find this keeps my hair looking fresh for an extra day, maximum, and normally I'd be happy with that but this is £12.  Ouch.  I feel that's a little steep compared with....
...good old Batiste, the drug store staple, coming in at an affordable £2.99.  Batiste seems to be the go-to for dry shampoos, and I can see why.  Cheap, easy to find, and with an increasingly large range of scents and colour-specific options, it's a great range.  However, I've always found that it a) does impart that white powdery look on my hair which is difficult to rub out and b) doesn't do much at all in terms of keeping my hair looking fresh.  After just a few hours, my hair is either dull or lank and dull, and that's really not the look I'm aiming for very often.  However, all is not lost because...
...this little number has rolled up and rocked my world.  Something of a cult classic, the Klorane Oatmilk Gentle Dry Shampoo* has rightfully earned its place in many a beauty Hall of Fame, and it's easy to see why.  It doesn't, to my nose, have a particular scent.  It's just a clean, fresh smell.  The product comes out in a light mist that at first doesn't feel like it might do very much, but it distributes through the hair really easily, and, the best bit, lets me get away with a good two days (occasionally three but let's not tell anyone that) between washes.  As someone with naturally oilier hair than dry, that's pretty unheard of.  Another brilliant thing?  It's not expensive.  You can get small bottles for about £2.50 and the regular one is about £6.50, which is only a couple of pounds more than a large bottle of the Batiste.  In short, it's absolutely the best dry shampoo ever and, once I've used the others up, will become the only one I'll ever use.

Right, now I need to go and lie down and think about what else I can achieve with my new-found freedom (I will probably search online for a new phone).

*PR samples

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