5 July 2012

Bridal Nails

One of my oldest and dearest friends got married recently.  She is the first of my girls to take the step into wifedom. and it was a beautiful wedding.  Properly beautiful.  It wasn't even in this country, that's how beautiful it was.  She had her nails done, as brides do, and had selected a Shellac manicure that was a shell pink with tiny opalescent sparkles shot through it.  I loved those nails.  I've had dreams about those nails.  I have created my version of those nails with an Essie/OPI mash up and I'm kind of loving it.
I started with two coats of Essie Naked Truth, which is a peach-toned nude.  Nice enough on its own but it wasn't what I was looking for so I went in with a top coat of OPI Altar Ego, an oyster pearl shade that's very sheer on its own but, in this instance, gave me sort of the effect I was after.
It's proving difficult to capture fully the finished effect but trust me, I'm a doctor* and it looks incredibly beautiful, whether you're a bride or not**.  If anyone has any recommendations for an opalescent shimmer polish then let me know please.  Particles must be Higgs Boson-esque***.  Thank you kindly.

* I'm absolutely not
** I'm absolutely not
*** Really bloody tiny

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  1. That's really pretty. I love nude nails. When I was a bridesmaid I wore OPI's You're a Doll, which is a great Lilac-toned neutral with A REALLY cute subtle sparkle through it.
    S xx