28 May 2013

Sample Size

No, not my waist, unfortunately, but rather all the mini tubes and sachets of goodness that I poke my way through whenever the mood takes me.  I hang on to all samples I get; skincare, perfume, foundation, toothpaste...don't care.  You can pretty much guarantee finding one or two offerings in all the monthly magazines, if not more, and lots of beauty websites offer free samples at checkout as well.  They're a great way of a) trying out products for free to see if they're worth further investment and b) saving space in your bags if and when you travel.

I've discovered some absolute gems this way, such as the Haus of Gloi perfume oils, Aesop Fabulous Face Oil, the Neutrogena Daily Defence moisturiser, Lancome Genefique serum (the sample sachet lasted me a week!), and body moisturisers from Rituals.*
It's also always worth getting samples of higher end foundations before you buy, as well.  Often the sachets in magazines won't be the right colour.  Recently, I got the two samples of Giorgio Armani foundation from a counter in House of Fraser.  There's no way I'm going to spend £30+ on a foundation that could well be awful, so I went and got colour-matched and asked if I could have a sample of the Luminous Silk, which was what I wanted originally.  The sweet girl at the counter also suggested I might like to try Maestro and produced the teeniest little sample bottle complete with miniature dropper and filled it with around 6-8 days' of product for me.  Result?  Yes.  Actual result?  I don't really like either foundation unfortunately, but at least it hasn't cost me £70 to find that out.
No matter what the sample product is, I don't necessarily go on to buy a full size version of the product so it's also a good little money saver.  I reckon, with the amount of samples I had (little pile above is the last of a HUGE one) I've had roughly three months' worth of product to play with.  All the more money to...I don't know, blow my nose with?  What?  I don't have any samples of Kleenex...

*Not so successful were the Garnier moisturisers, the No7 Protect & Perfect serum and a horrible, sticky serum from Thalgo that clogged my skin faster than chip fat down a drain.

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  1. I do have a fondness for the mini but often just to look and and play with. Most recent bargains were a free sample of Elemis Pro Radiance Balm and new Chanel mascara - both on my radar and both failed to live up to expectations, but with no expense greater than that of a magazine, although they seem to be increasing in price almost daily. Thanks for this.